Personalized Stem Cells (PSC), a small, private biopharma company in San Diego, has repurposed its stem cell production team into making stem cell treatments for COVID-19 patients. Many COVID-19 patients are dying and currently there are no approved treatments for the severe pneumonia that occurs as a result of infection with COVID-19. PSC Medical Director, Dr. Christopher Rogers, stated, “The goal is to treat these patients before they require a ventilator.”stem-cell-research-covid-19

Under request by the White House Coronavirus Task Force, PSC has applied for FDA expedited review of their clinical trial application. PSC is using its own resources to scale up production of stem cells in its FDA-inspected stem cell manufacturing facilities in anticipation of a speedy FDA approval. PSC could be providing treatments to hospitalized COVID-19 patients in early May with rapid FDA approval. PSC plans to provide these treatments at no cost to the patients.

PSC CEO, Dr. Bob Harman, stated, “We have been able to keep all of our technicians employed and working towards this COVID-19 mission, but we are running short of resources to keep up production. We hope the FDA will allow a wider compassionate use of these stem cells after the first study is underway.”  PSC has also been asked to provide stem cells for the treatment of COVID-19 patients in Spain, Switzerland, and Italy.

Critical supplies are needed to further ramp up production of stem cells and PSC is reaching out to philanthropic groups such as the Gates Foundation and, more importantly, to the public. For those able to contribute, PSC has partnered with The San Diego Foundation (501c3) to take donations of $10 or more to be focused on providing as many stem cell doses as possible. The use of this 501c3 foundation allows the donations to be tax deductible, and the Foundation has generously offered to handle these donations with no management fees.

PSC appreciates all donations to help in this war against COVID-19.

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