Personalized Stem Cell was founded in 2018 to advance human regenerative medicine by securing FDA approval for autologous stem cell therapies for serious diseases with limited treatment options. PSC is raising a Series B round of $10 M dollars from qualified investors.  PSC investors can potentially benefit from Section 1202 of the Internal Revenue Code which offers a significant tax incentive for investors who put their money into a qualified small business. By investing in PSC, you meet the requirements of the 1202 tax rule and you can enjoy a 100% exclusion of your capital gains from federal taxation.

Section 1202 of the IRS tax code benefits you because of the 100% gain exclusion: By holding our qualified small business stock for at least five years, you will be able to exclude 100% of the capital gains realized from the sale of that stock from federal taxes. And unlike other investments, where capital gains are typically taxed, Section 1202 provides a unique opportunity to keep more of your investment returns.1

PSC is a qualified small business that meets the criteria set by the IRS for being recognized as a qualified small business, making your investment eligible for this tax benefit.

Our trusted tax firm has confirmed that we easily meet the qualifications for Section 1202, ensuring you can take full advantage of this tax incentive.

Take advantage of this opportunity and invest in the future of stem cells and with a five-year investment horizon, this is a smart choice for investors looking to support a promising business venture while minimizing their tax liability. Many potential investors may not be aware of the 1202 tax rule, so share this opportunity with your network to help them benefit as well.

Of course, tax laws are subject to change, and individual circumstances can vary. We recommend reviewing current tax information, consulting with a qualified tax professional to ensure full compliance and understanding of the Section 1202 tax rules.2

Invest in PSC and secure your tax benefits with Section 1202.  Contact Stephen Keane at [email protected] for more information.