The CEO and co-founder of Personalized Stem Cells and sister company, VetStem Biopharma, recently delivered an informative webinar to a local rotary club. Dr. Bob Harman went into detail about stem cell therapy for both people and pets and how this treatment modality can be applied to a multitude of ailments.

VetStem Recipient, Chester, and his Owner

Regenerative Veterinary Medicine

Our sister company works on the veterinary side and has been providing autologous adipose-derived stem cell processing services to veterinarians for their patients since 2004. Like PSC, VetStem closely follows the FDA’s Current Good Tissue Practice guidelines and performs extensive quality control measures for each patient sample. Over 30,000 stem cell treatments have been administered by treating veterinarians for a variety of diseases in 31 different species.

One Medicine

Our experience with regenerative veterinary medicine is actually what led to the formation of PSC. Equipped with 15+ years of experience and data from nearly 14,000 stem cell recipients, the progression into the human field was very natural. The concept is known as translational medicine or, as we like to call it, One Medicine.

This idea of One Medicine, where animal data translates into advances in human medicine, is a fairly common narrative: a new medical technology or drug emerges in the veterinary field and after research and outcome data are compiled, scientists and doctors begin to wonder how humans may benefit from the same technology. So, while we began with the goal to improve the lives of animals, it wasn’t long before we realized that the technology we have worked so hard to develop and advance might one day be able to help people also. And now, nearly two years after the formation of PSC, we are very excited to see this dream become a reality.