As 2021 comes to a close, we have been reflecting on all of the accomplishments and milestones we have reached this year. So, for our last blog of the year, we present Personalized Stem Cells’ 2021 Year in Review.

  • 2021 started out great for us. In January, we announced that all the data from our FDA approved knee osteoarthritis clinical trial was collected. We quickly submitted it to the FDA for review.
  • Just a few short weeks later, we announced that the first patients were treated in the FDA approved COVID-19 clinical trial that PSC developed and licensed to Sorrento Therapeutics.
  • In March, we were finally able to publicly announce the results from our knee trial. And they were very promising! No serious adverse events were reported, and the preliminary efficacy looked good too! You can read more details here.
  • Throughout the first part of the year, we followed updates on the COVID-19 trial closely. And in May, we announced that enrollment was complete. Ten patients were enrolled and treated, and all ten patients were discharged from the hospital within 3 days of their last treatment! You can find more information here.
  • Then in June, we announced that the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency authorized a Phase 2 pivotal, multi-center, randomized, controlled COVID-19 study. And in September, the first patient was enrolled.
  • In early October, PSC medical director, Dr. Christopher Rogers, presented clinical trial results for the knee study at The Orthobiologic Institute (TOBI) conference.
  • And to round out the year, PSC CEO and founder, Dr. Robert Harman, presented the clinical trial results at the annual International Federation for Adipose Therapeutics and Science (IFATS) meeting in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

We had such an exciting year and are looking forward to 2022. We plan to launch a phase 2 placebo-controlled knee osteoarthritis trial soon. We also plan to pursue FDA approval for a stem cell clinical trial to treat traumatic brain injury. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to another great year ahead!