As co-founders of leading regenerative veterinary medicine company, VetStem Biopharma, Dr. Bob Harman and Michael Dale, saw a real need to advance and legitimize stem cell therapy in the human medical field. As we’ve briefly discussed in previous blogs, stem cells have an array of potential benefits, some of which we are still learning about. Couple that with the many diseases and ailments that are lacking effective treatment options and Personalized Stem Cells was born.

Animal Data to Human Medicine: One Medicine

PSC’s sister veterinary company, VetStem Biopharma, has been providing stem cell services to veterinarians for their patients for over 15 years. Over 30,000 stem cell treatments have been administered for various orthopedic (ie: osteoarthritis, tendon/ligament injury) and internal medicine (ie: organ failure, immune-mediated) conditions. This experience and data helped pave the way to developing stem cell therapy for people.

The animal data bridged the gap to human medicine, and helped PSC attain their first FDA approval within one year of the company’s formation. The first FDA approved clinical trial to study the effects of stem cell therapy for the treatment of knee osteoarthritis is fully enrolled. More recently, PSC received FDA approval for a clinical trial to treat COVID-19 patients with allogeneic stem cell therapy.

What drives us at Personalized Stem Cells?

Stem cell therapy for people is not new. That being said, it is still very much a developing field. Treatment availability is limited and generally not covered by insurance. More importantly, the majority of stem cell treatments/products are not FDA approved and come with potentially serious risks.

After 2 decades’ worth of work in the regenerative medicine field, Dr. Harman saw a need to develop FDA approved, quality manufactured stem cell treatments for people. There are too many diseases and medical conditions with little or no effective treatment options. While stem cell therapy may benefit these patients, patient safety is of the utmost importance. With that in mind, PSC currently only provides stem cell treatments under FDA approved clinical trials.

Working within FDA regulations, we take patient safety very seriously. All patient cells are processed in our FDA inspected cleanroom facilities and undergo sterility and safety testing. PSC is raising the standard for stem cell therapy. We are committed to providing high-quality stem cell processing services to physicians who are participating in FDA approved clinical trials.

The Future of Personalized Stem Cells

PSC endeavors to conduct multiple FDA approved clinical trials to study the effects of stem cell therapy for various conditions. We currently plan to pursue FDA approval to treat multiple orthopedic conditions, back pain, and traumatic brain injury. We will continue to maintain our high standards to provide quality tested stem cell treatments to doctors for their patients. Our goal is to make a difference and we’re just bold enough to believe that we can.