As many of you know, Personalized Stem Cells was born out of 15+ years of experience with our veterinary company, VetStem, Inc. As is common in the medical field, much of our preliminary data came from work with our veterinary patients. In addition to data, we also share a strong patent portfolio with our veterinary company.

Since the beginning, VetStem and PSC CEO and founder, Dr. Bob Harman, has heavily invested in patent protection. Dr. Harman believes these patents are an important way to strengthen the company’s intellectual property in the rapidly developing field of regenerative medicine. VetStem has successfully negotiated royalty-bearing licenses with multiple human and veterinary stem cell companies. One such license is to Personalized Stem Cells. Since PSC and VetStem are technically separate companies, PSC licenses VetStem’s patent portfolio for use in our human stem cell clinical trials.

Recently, VetStem was issued a new patent that covers treating veterinary and human patients with an adipose-derived stem cell preparation. This specific patent is key in that it broadens the coverage to any disease in any mammal that is treated using VetStem’s methods of preparing the adipose stem cell preparation. The preparation methods include processing using mechanical (cutting, centrifuging, filtering), enzymatic, and/or ultrasonic energy. The disease coverage is broad including inflammatory diseases or disorders, cardiovascular diseases, nervous system diseases, tumors, demyelinating diseases, digestive system diseases, endocrine system diseases, reproductive system diseases, hemic and lymphatic diseases, immunological diseases, mental disorders, musculoskeletal diseases, neuromuscular diseases, metabolic diseases, skin and connective tissue diseases, urological diseases, and wounds.

As we’ve discussed before, working together with VetStem really exemplifies the concept of ‘One Medicine.’ Otherwise known as translational medicine, one medicine is a concept where data and advances made in the veterinary field translate into advances in the human medical field. We will proudly continue to work alongside our veterinary company, without which, PSC would have never become a reality.