At Personalized Stem Cells (PSC), we think of stem cell storage as a type of “insurance.” Stored stem cells can potentially be used to treat future approved conditions. PSC stores adipose (fat) derived stem cells from our clinical trial participants in our FDA-inspected facility.

How are stem cells collected?

When a patient participates in a PSC FDA-approved clinical trial, fat is collected by a physician via a relatively simple liposuction procedure. The patient’s fat is processed in our FDA-inspected facility to extract and concentrate the stem cells contained therein. The stem cells are aliquoted into vials to be used for treatment in the trial and/or vials that can be stored for potential future use.

What can stored stem cells be used for?

When babies are born, mothers have the option to store their baby’s cord blood stem cells, which can potentially be used to treat a small number of medical conditions. Similarly, stored adipose derived stem cells have many potential uses. At PSC, we work strictly within FDA guidelines to offer cells for treatment in FDA-approved clinical trial. Our current FDA-approved clinical trial uses a person’s own stem cells to treat knee osteoarthritis. We plan to apply for approval to treat additional conditions including multiple orthopedic conditions/joints, traumatic brain injury, and other medical conditions that have few treatment options.

Stored stem cells can also be cultured (grown) to produce additional doses for potential future use. Our goal in the future is to provide a lifetime of cells for each clinical trial participant.

How is PSC different from other stem cell providers?

PSC aims to advance and legitimize stem cell therapy through FDA-approved clinical trials. This is an important distinction to be made. Not all stem cell treatments are being used in FDA approved clinical trials and can potentially be dangerous. You can read more about this in our previous blog: FDA Approved Stem Cell Clinical Trials.

It is also important to note that not all stem cell providers have the ability to store stem cells. Stem cell storage will potentially allow one fat collection to provide multiple treatments. While working within FDA guidelines, PSC plans to expand the use of stem cells to treat conditions for which few treatment options exist. There is much literature to demonstrate the efficacy and safety of autologous adipose derived stem cell treatments in humans and animals.