Stem cells have many unique characteristics including the ability to perpetually self-renew and to differentiate into a specialized adult cell type1. These unique characteristics provide tremendous regenerative health opportunities and open the door for the possibility of providing important anti-aging benefits.

These benefits include the rejuvenation of one’s cells as we age and the possibility to reverse or slow down certain common aging processes. Stem cells are known to modulate the immune system, reduce inflammation and repair damaged tissue. We believe autologous stem cell therapy is the foundation for which patients can be administered their own cells to gain vitality, improve physical ability, decrease pain, and enhance one’s over all aging condition.  These possibilities are the subject of intense research in the longevity science community.

The many causes of aging are diverse and complicated. We all understand that there is natural deterioration as we age where we shrink in size and our muscles generally lose strength, endurance, and flexibility2. There are also other unnatural causes that come directly from our environment, where our bodies accumulate damage over time.

We can address these various causes of aging by becoming an advocate for our own health. Key steps include maintaining a healthy weight, eating a healthy diet, finding ways to reduce stress, increasing one’s physical activity, and improving sleep. Maintaining good health and using stem cells can’t stop the aging process but can improve our ability to maintain an active quality of life, allowing us to continue to do the things that bring us joy.

Banking your stem cells derived from your own fat at any age provides you potential access to your younger self to maintain your heath and youthfulness. At Personalized Stem Cells, the day you have your cells harvested and banked is recognized as your re-birthday as you will always have your younger cells available for future treatments. We envision a future where you use your body’s own healing cells to repair and possibly reverse the signs of aging.  As we become aware of studies and science to support this longevity use of your stem cells, we will report the findings in this blog!