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Stem Cell Treatment May Save Lives

COVID-19 Critical Patients Need Your Help


  • Personalized Stem Cells is providing NO COST treatments to patients in the FDA approved clinical trial. You can help support this effort with your tax-deductible donation.
  • Many Americans are dying, and many will have long term disability from COVID-19
  • It is critical that treatments are found to keep people off ventilators and reduce death rates
  • In response to a White House Coronavirus Task Force request, Personalized Stem Cells (PSC) is working with the FDA to provide no-cost Stem Cell treatments for COVID-19
  • We already know that stem cells have worked in published clinical trials (see below)!


PSC needs donations to help provide no-cost treatment for patients


How can you help?

Donate to help provide potentially life-saving stem cell treatments for those affected with COVID-19

The San Diego Foundation (www.sdfoundation.org), the most prestigious non-profit in San Diego, has agreed to partner with PSC to receive and distribute donations for patient treatment. The Personalized Stem Cells COVID-19 fund is held at “The San Diego Foundation” (e.g.: The Personalized Stem Cells COVID-19 program is supported through a donor advised fund held by the San Diego Foundation)


Stem Cell Therapy May Save Lives

Published Scientific Studies with Related Stem Cell Products

  • COVID-19 is a life-threatening disease
    • Massive inflammation caused by the body’s over-reaction to the virus
    • Lung inflammation prevents oxygen getting to the bloodstream
    • Many patients will die even if a ventilator is available
  • Stem cell therapy – how it works
    • Stem Cells reduce lung inflammation and the “Cytokine storm”
    • Stem Cells improve oxygen supply to the body
    • Stem Cells repair damaged lung and prevent scar tissue
  • How effective
    • Reduced death loss by 50% to 90%
    • Reduced days in the ICU, reduced need for ventilator (critical resource)
    • Solid clinical study data showing that stem cells have anti-viral effects
    • Over 20 clinical studies started in China in just the last 60 days with early published striking results
  • How Safe
    • Thousands of patients treated with stem cells in hundreds of clinical trials for a variety of diseases with very limited side effects
    • Excellent published safety record for these related stem cell products
    • Stem cells already approved for many clinical uses in Europe, Canada, Korea
Your donation will directly support PSC Helping Americans Immediately
  • Rapidly produce more stem cells for patients – First patient can be treated in May
  • Support hiring more technicians and purchase of critical supplies
  • Support doctors, nurses and others on the front line
  • Provide stem cells at no cost to critically ill patients
  • Preserve critical ICU and ventilator resources
As little as $10 can make a huge impact!