Regenerative Medicine is a broad term for a field of medicine that utilizes innovative medical therapies to harness the body’s natural healing abilities.  One of these medical therapies utilizes adipose-derived stem cells.

While it might sound complicated, the idea is somewhat simple.  Adipose, or fat tissue, is a readily available source of stem cells as well as other healing and regenerative cells.  According to literature, adipose tissue is far richer in stem cells than bone marrow aspirate, another source used for stem cell therapy.  In addition, fat tissue is much easier to collect than bone marrow.  The word autologous simply means cells from the patient are delivered back into the same patient.

In people, adipose is most often collected by a routine liposuction procedure. Once collected, the fat is processed to concentrate and extract the stem and regenerative cells contained therein.  These cells are then used to provide stem cell doses.  Though stem cells have been primarily used in orthopedics, there is a potentially broader range of applications.

Personalized Stem Cells, Inc. (PSC) provides autologous adipose-derived stem cell services to physicians participating in FDA-approved clinical trials.  In July 2019, PSC announced the FDA approval of their first IND to treat osteoarthritis.  The first clinical trial utilizes autologous adipose-derived stem cell therapy to treat osteoarthritis of the knee.

PSC has enrolled a limited number of experienced physicians to participate in this initial clinical trial.  Once approved for inclusion in the trial, a patient will undergo a liposuction procedure to procure fat.  The fat will be aseptically packaged and shipped in a temperature-controlled container to PSC’s FDA inspected processing laboratory.  Once processed and quality tested for cell count, viability, and sterility, one of the patient’s stem cell doses will be returned to the treating physician for injection into the affected knee, while any extra cells will be stored.

Moving forward, PSC plans to apply for additional clinical trials to treat multiple orthopedic conditions and eventually other non-orthopedic conditions.  Contact us for more information.