Personalized Stem Cells, Inc. provides stem cell processing services to doctors for their patients who are participating in FDA approved clinical trials. The current clinical trials include stem cell treatment of knee osteoarthritis and COVID-19. But what is ‘Personalized’ about our service?

Your Stem Cells to Treat You

Autologous stem cell therapy means your own stem cells are used to treat you. In other words, the donor is also the recipient. Our knee osteoarthritis clinical trial utilizes autologous stem cell treatments. Trial participants have their fat collected via a small liposuction by a participating clinical trial investigator (doctor). The fat is processed at PSC’s FDA inspected cleanroom facility. Stem cells are extracted and concentrated to create what is required for the study and for possible future use. The processed cells are checked for quality and safety before they are allowed to be used. One dose of a participant’s personal cells is then shipped to the investigator for injection into the participant’s knee.

Treatment Now and in the Future

Your stem cells will only be used to treat you. Our goal is to store cells from all clinical trial participants so that cells can potentially be used for future treatments and medical conditions. One fat collection could potentially provide you with a lifetime of stem cell treatments. Our plans for future clinical trials include orthopedic conditions for multiple joints, back pain, and traumatic brain injury.

Ultimately, PSC plans to obtain more FDA approvals to treat medical conditions that currently have limited treatment options. Having your cells stored could provide the opportunity to receive treatment for these conditions as additional uses are developed and approved.