Stem cells are our most valuable construction materials for healing. They are the body’s first aid and repair kit. They are the building blocks of organs, tissues, blood, and the immune system. In many tissues they serve as the internal restoration tools, healing and regenerating to replace injured, degenerated, or diseased cells during our entire lifetime. Stem cells have the ability to develop into new stem cells, or they can change into other kinds of cells to help replace injured cells or produce personalized biomedicines to reduce inflammation and pain1. Because of the astonishing regenerative ability of stem cells, there are more than 1,100 registered clinical trials2  that study the use of stem cells for medical treatments.

Personalized Stem Cells is one of these companies conducting clinical trials, advancing to a Phase IIb knee osteoarthritis clinical trial this fall. Stem cells are already approved for the treatment of Crohn’s disease in both Japan and Europe. They have shown great promise for the treatment of osteoarthritis, tendon tears, cancer, autoimmune diseases, aging, diabetes, traumatic brain injury, and many others2.

Importantly, once your stem cells are cryo-banked the aging process is dramatically slowed down3, preserving your cells in this younger stage until needed in the future. This is key, because as we age, so do our cells. As our stem cells age, they lose the healing ability and their numbers are reduced. When you bank your stem cells, you have potential access to new discoveries, participation in clinical trials, and FDA approvals for new regenerative and rejuvenative treatments. Banking stem cells while you are healthy creates lifetime access to your younger self. If you ever develop a degenerative condition or disease, it is possible that your younger stem cells may be used as a safe and effective treatment.

We believe it is critical to bank your cells now, prior to the development of the diseases that can happen as we age. Banking cells provides control over your own health care, a form of cellular health insurance. And like any insurance, the earlier we participate, the better the return when we use them for health events that may occur down the road.

This unique service helps ensure that you have access to critical medical treatment options when the need arises. So, take more control of your heath, secure your past to protect your future. Bank now to insure your greatest asset: your own health.


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