Raising the Standard for Stem Cell Therapy

Personalized Stem Cells, Inc. (PSC) is raising the standard of Stem Cell therapy. We are committed to providing high-quality stem cell processing services, as well as excellent technical, clinical, and regulatory support to physicians, clinical investigators, and patients. The founders of PSC are biotechnology entrepreneurs, having led multiple biotech companies including VetStem Biopharma with over 15,000 treatments for animals since 2003.

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FDA Compliance

Hundreds of physicians in the US have been offering stem cell therapy and making claims for treating medical conditions without evidence that it works or is safe. They have been processing cells without sterility testing, safety testing, or compliance with FDA regulations. The FDA is now enforcing regulations to improve the safety and effectiveness of stem cell therapy.

PSC provides stem cell processing to physicians who are participating in FDA approved clinical trials in compliance with FDA regulations in order to provide the best possible safety to patients.

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