Each and every living creature on Earth is comprised of cells. They are the fundamental building blocks of life. From the single cell that makes up the most basic organisms to the trillions of cells that create the complex structure of the human body. All new cells are derived from pre-existing cells in a family tree that has existed for billions of years. And this would not have been achieved without the stem cell, a cell that differentiates into the more than 200 known cell types of the human body.

Without stem cells, we would not survive. For every minute of every day, millions of cells cease to function and die. Fortunately, they are rapidly replaced with new cells produced by our own stem cells. The mesenchymal stem cell (MSC), a specific type of stem cell, serves an additional purpose, acting as a first aid kit to assist other cells with the repair process that must occur after each injury or with disease.

Arguably, the discovery of the stem cell and the understanding of its purpose have profoundly impacted our understanding of biology. This knowledge is also transforming the practice of medicine, creating new treatment options for previously untreatable conditions. The understanding of how stem cells function has led to innovative medical treatments for inflammatory disease, degenerative conditions, blood-related diseases, and cancer.

At Personalized Stem Cells, doctors and scientists are working together to develop numerous applications in personalized medicine. We grow millions of stem cells from a small collection of your adipose (fat) tissue and will use them to treat a variety of existing conditions or bank them for the treatment of medical conditions that may develop in the future.

Despite all that has been learned in the last 30 years, the study of stem cell therapy is at its infancy. We see ourselves as stewards of natural evolution, the simple utilization of focusing our own stem cells for our own medical care. We will create treatments that are safer and more effective than today’s typical pharmaceutical drugs or surgical procedures, which may only treat the symptoms of disease and are associated with additional risks.

We will use this blog to keep you up to date on the benefits of stem cells therapy, the latest in longevity and regenerative medicine, updates on PSC’s clinical research, and the latest in other scientifically relevant topics; all of this to help you make more empowered decisions about your health and well-being.

Live healthy, my friends.