StemInsure®: Your Younger Cells For Life®

Why Bank?

  • Your stem cells will never be younger
  • Bank your stem cells while you are healthy
  • Have them ready to use in emergency or need

How to Bank

  • Simple small harvest – no general anesthesia
  • Same day procedure in doctor’s office
  • Fat shipped to PSC FDA compliant facility in the US
  • Store as StemPreserve™, a single-stage biological process for store only or, StemReady™, an eight-stage biological process for ready to use stem cells
  • Store as tissue (StemPreserve™) or as ready doses (StemReady™)

One harvest can provide stem cells for the rest of your life!

We take every precaution to ensure that each patients’ cells are tested for quality and safety.

PSC stem cell processing is compliant with US FDA GMP regulations.

PSC is an FDA registered Tissue Bank.

StemInsure®: Two Options to Bank Your Stem Cells

StemPreserve™ – Just bank

  • Simple harvest
  • Single stage lab processing for storage only
  • Cells stay at this young age
  • In future you can order the completion of processing to StemReady™ – seven stage biological process

StemReady™ – Create ready-to-use doses

  • Simple harvest
  • Eight stage biological process that includes multiple quality testing steps
  • You can access in future and via early access programs
One harvest can provide stem cells for the rest of your life!