Founded in 2018, Personalized Stem Cells is a relatively young company. PSC’s first clinical trial for knee osteoarthritis began in late 2019 and was completed just one year later, amidst a global pandemic no less. And while the company is young, our leadership team comes with nearly two decades’ worth of experience in providing stem cell services to medical providers, though not exactly in the way you might think…

Stem Cell Therapy for Animals

Personalized Stem Cells was born from nearly 15 years of strong data and experience in veterinary stem cell therapy. Our parent company, VetStem, Inc., was formed in 2002 and has since processed over 15,000 patient samples resulting in over 35,000 stem cell treatments for animals across the United States and Canada. All of this data, which largely consists of orthopedic outcomes, was used to launch PSC and develop stem cell clinical trials for people.

Gracie-Allen’s Stem Cell Story

Gracie-Allen, a Shar-Pei, received stem cell therapy for osteoarthritis in her knees. Her successful stem cell treatment is one of many that contributed to the promising data for knee osteoarthritis, which eventually led to FDA approval of PSC’s first clinical trial.

Similar to people, Gracie’s knee arthritis developed slowly over time. Her owners noticed that she was less active and uncomfortable in her rear legs. Her veterinarian is a long-time VetStem user and recommended treatment with stem cell therapy. Just like we do with people, Gracie had a sample of fat tissue collected for processing. Her stem cells were extracted and concentrated and made into injectable doses. Gracie received one dose of her own stem cells into each knee as well as an intravenous dose.

Her owners reported that they noticed a difference just three days after the treatment! She began jumping on and off the couch, running around, and eventually standing on her hind legs playfully, something she hadn’t done for a while prior to treatment with stem cells. Gracie’s mom even commented, “She is doing so well that I want to see a doctor about getting stem cell injections in my knees!”

It’s truly because of stories like Gracie’s that PSC came into existence. VetStem has hundreds of success stories from animal owners that all say the same thing: their pet experienced an improved quality of life because of treatment with stem cell therapy. And while all patients are different and not everyone experiences the same results, the data overwhelmingly points to the fact that stem cells can help control the symptoms of osteoarthritis.