Planning ahead and taking control of our health is as important as being financially prepared for retirement. Financial planners start with the question, “How long do you plan on living?” Not, “What is your health history, or how much do you exercise?” As important as being financially prepared is, without good health, what kind of life can we live? Stem cells hold the potential to help us avoid suffering from a variety of age-related diseases and reduce our healthcare costs 1.

At Personalized Stem Cells, we believe the foundation of good health is prevention. One of the keys to prevention is using your own stem cells for the treatment of a variety of medical conditions. Stem cell therapies are proving to be among the safest and most advanced treatments available for the prevention and treatment of age-related degenerative conditions2. Stem cells are known to limit certain effects of aging by speeding up the natural healing process.

We carefully identify the most clinically advanced treatments available today and share this progress with all of our patients and the stem cell community. On, there are more than 1,138 registered clinical studies on the use of Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC) as a therapeutic agent3. Many of these trials are designed to treat hematological diseases, GVHD, diabetes, inflammatory diseases, and diseases in the liver, kidneys, and lungs, as well as aging, cardiovascular, bone and cartilage, neurological, and autoimmune diseases4. We expect to initiate our Phase 2b clinical trial for knee osteoarthritis this year.

We believe there is an urgent need for safe and non-invasive approaches to preventing and treating diseases. Stem cells will play an active role in our health, and we are committed to harnessing stem cell treatments because of their known safety and efficacy. The entire PSC team is committed to using new insights gained from stem cell science to develop an ever-expanding number of treatments that will reduce suffering and improve patient quality of life.