Your Own Cells from Your Own Fat

Your stem cells will only be used to treat you and can be stored for potential use for a variety of medical conditions in future clinical trials or for FDA approved applications.

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Why PSC?

Personalized Stem Cells, Inc. (PSC) processes stem cells in an FDA inspected facility and provides stem cells to physicians using FDA approved protocols. We take every precaution to be sure that each patients cells are tested to ensure quality and to promote safety.

Personalized Stem Cells

  • Your cells quality will be tested before use
  • Meets FDA processing standards
  • Clinical trials approved by the FDA
  • Storage of stem cells for potential future use
  • Treatments offered in the US

In-Clinic Stem Cell Processing

  • No quality testing before you are injected
  • Processing does not meet FDA standards
  • Treatments and clinical trials not approved by FDA
  • No storage of stem cells for potential future use
  • Treatments often require travel outside of the US

PSC CP 001 Single Knee Arthritis Clinical Trial is no longer accepting new patients. Please complete the Contact Form if you would like to be notified of upcoming clinical trials using stem cells.

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    PSC services only available in the USA